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The New Forest Tyres 6 Point Tyre Safety Check

As you can imagine we think about tyres all day long. We live and breathe tyres. But we also understand that, for many of our customers, car tyres are one of those things it’s tempting not to think about at all until there’s a problem with them.

So at New Forest Tyres we’ve made it easy and free to get your tyres checked to find any problems before they put you, your family and other road users at risk.

That’s why we’ve introduced “The New Forest Tyres 6 Point Tyre Safety Check”. And the best news of all, is that it’s fast, easy and free! All you have to do is book your car in for a check. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. You can either call us on 01590 718583, email us at

What does our 6 Point Tyre Safety Check Cover?

The 6 Point Tyre Safety check that closely examines all the important aspects of your car’s tyres and keeps you safer on the road. We check for:

1) Tyre Condition

2) Tread Depth

3) Tyre Suitability

4) Tyre Age

5) Tyre Damage or Sidewall Tears

6) Tyre Pressure

Let’s take a look at each of those in turn…

Tyre Safety Check Point 1: Tyre Condition:

Our tyre experts will begin with a thorough visual inspection. They’ll be looking from all directions and with good lighting – so they can identify problems that may not be visible with a standard roadside inspection. They’ll be looking for uneven wear patterns and other tell-tale signs of early tyre problems.

Tyre Safety Check Point 2: Tread Depth:

Tyre Tread Depth is important because its gives physical traction or grip on the road surface or through ice. In wet weather conditions sufficient tyre tread depth helps your tyres to displace water and reduces the risk of aquaplaning where a layer of water causes skidding by preventing your tyres contacting the road. In the UK the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm in a continuous band covering the central three-quarters of the tread.

Tyre Safety Check Point 3: Tyre Suitability:

While this isn’t normally a problem, surprisingly often our tyre experts will find a vehicle with the wrong type of tyres altogether. These days there are all-season tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres and performance tyres. And while some tyres are designed to be great all-rounders some tyres simply aren’t recommended for particular conditions. With this check we’re also checking for the right type of tyre. For example, a vehicle involved in off-road work or farming should have a more robust set of tyres with a deeper grip pattern. Conversely, some high-performance tyres are made from a softer compound and won’t wear well when used for normal road driving conditions.

Tyre Safety Check Point 4: Tyre Age:

Tyre rubber, hardens over time. So we also check the age of the tyres because older tyres provide less grip.

Tyre Safety Check Point 5: Tyre Damage and Sidewall Tears:

Tyre damage and sidewall tears could be the result of catching a kerb stone or a pothole or some other road debris. Depending on the severity these can lead to anything from a MoT advisory to rapid tyre deflation.

Tyre Safety Check Point 6: Tyre Pressure:

Tyre pressure is one of the most important checks we do. So why does it come last in our list of 6 checks? Simply because we want to give your car’s tyres time to cool down after your journey to us. Pressures measured when the tyres are warm will be higher than when they are cold. The tyre pressures listed in your car’s handbook, on the fuel flap or door jamb are all ‘cold’ pressures. Next, we compare these listed ideal pressures to the measurements from our highly accurate calibrated gauge and adjust each of your four tyre pressures as required.

With the 6 checks completed, our team will report back to you with their recommendations with your safe driving in mind. It really is as simple as that.

When you bring your car to us at New Forest Tyres, you can be confident you’re dealing with true professionals. We only work on tyres. Our professional tyre fitting team at New Forest Tyres have all been rigorously trained. Collectively, the team have over 50 years’ experience checking tyres, replacing tyres and fitting tyres.

When you combine this level of experience with our specific New Forest Tyres 6 Point Tyre Safety Check, you can be certain you’re in the very best hands. So wherever you are starting your journeys in the New Forest, whether you’re looking for new tyres in Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, Lymington, Totton, Dibden Purlieu, Hythe or Waterside, take a look first at – the home of the New Forest Tyres 6 Point Tyre Safety Check.


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