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Tyre Puncture Repair

Not all punctures require a replacement tyre, with some damaged tyres able to be repaired at our shop. However, circumstances vary, and we will only repair damages in line with the British Standard BSAU159 policy.


The British Standard defines limits to the location, size, and number of repairs that can be carried out, while also suggesting appropriate materials that can be used for the puncture repair.


Our technicians can examine your flat tyre and determine if it can be repaired. Simply call us on 01590 718583 to discuss. 

Where On a Tyre Can a Puncture Be Repaired? 

The British Standard BSAU159 policy defines where on a tyre that a puncture can be repaired and relates to its proximity to the sidewall. To remain compliant, a repair can only be made to the central ¾ of the tyre, which is also known as the minor repair area. 

If the puncture is located outside of this area it is deemed to be too close to the sidewall to guarantee safety, so it cannot be fixed. If this is the case, you will need to have new tyres fitted. 


When Is a Tyre Not Repairable?


Alongside the position of the damage, there are other factors to be considered when assessing a damaged tyre for repair. If a tyre shows any of the follow damage, it cannot be repaired: 

-    Illegal tread depth below 1.6mm across the centre ¾ of the tyre tread
-    Deteriorating rubber
-    Any secondary damage
-    Bulging 
-    Exposed cords (the reinforcement used to help a tyre keep its shape) 
-    Faulty previous repairs
-    Bead damage


Can You Repair a Run Flat Tyre Puncture?

Unfortunately, we cannot repair punctures to run flat tyres. Due to the way in which they are manufactured, it can be extremely difficult to spot if the structure of the tyre wall has sustained damage and we would never repair a tyre without fully understanding the extent of the damage. 

Booking a Tyre Repair

If you are looking to book your car in for a tyre repair, or would like some advice on whether the tyre can be repaired or not, please email for a repair enquiry or call us on 01590 718583

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