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Tyre Safety Checks

Worried about the condition of your tyres? Book a free tyre safety check with our technicians to ensure your tyres are road-legal and remain at peak performance. 


We are based at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. If you would like to book a free tyre test for your vehicle or want to discuss any of our other services, please call us on 01590 718583.

Why Is Tyre Safety Important?

Worn tyres quickly become unsafe and put you and other road users at risk. Regular checks help you stay on top of good tyre maintenance and highlight any issues with punctures, sidewall damage, incorrect tyre pressure and low tread depth. 


Driving with old, worn or damaged tyres can negatively affect handling, steering and braking. Plus, the penalty for driving on illegal tyres can amount to three points on your driving licence and a fine of up to £2,500 for every illegal tyre.


What Will We Check?


So, what do we look for when your car comes in for a test? To establish the roadworthiness of your tyres, we will: 


  • Check the tread depth 

  • Check the tyre pressure 

  • Check for uneven wear and deteriorating rubber

  • Establish the general condition of each tyre and check for damage


Replacing Your Tyres


If the results of the test show that your tyres are unsafe and need to be replaced, we can also advise you on replacements. We stock an extensive selection of tyres, including summer, winter and high-performance options suitable for various vehicles.


If we find a puncture, a replacement tyre may not be required. Our team will determine whether or not the puncture can be repaired according to the British Standard Policy and perform the necessary tyre puncture repairs or advise you on the next steps. 


Book a tyre safety check today by giving us a call on 01590 718583. 

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