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Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is an important, if sometimes overlooked, service that helps ensure you can continue driving with precision and comfort. 

Need to have your tyres looked at or require new ones? We stock a huge selection of tyres from top brands and offer a range of services to get you back on the road. Visit our shop at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu or get a quote online. 

What is Wheel Balancing?


Wheel balancing is a service we perform that ensures the weight of your car is distributed equally on the wheels and that your tyres rotate evenly when they come into contact with the road. This process involves adding weights to the wheel’s rim to correct areas of imbalance. 


Your wheels may need to be balanced if you notice the following signs: 

  • Uneven tread wear 

  • Vibrations & steering wheel shaking


Why is Wheel Balancing Important?

Properly balanced wheels fine-tune the performance of your tyres, leading to a smoother, more efficient ride. If your wheels are not rotating evenly, it can cause your tyres, suspension and steering elements to show signs of wear sooner than they should. 


If you notice vibrations or shaking through the steering wheel when travelling at speeds of 50-60 mph, your wheels are more than likely unbalanced. This can not only make driving unpleasant but can also cause issues with your ability to steer in a certain direction. 


How Much Does Wheel Balancing Cost? 

The cost of our wheel balancing services is included in the total price for new tyres.


When you buy at New Forest Tyres, the quoted price for new tyres includes fitting, balancing and the disposal of old tyres, so there’ll be no surprises with extra costs. 

If you need new tyres or are experiencing issues and would like some advice, please call us on 01590 718583. Our technicians are also equipped to perform tyre puncture repairs, so please get in touch if you have any concerns about your vehicle's tyres. 





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