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Saving over safety – part-worn tyres

New Forest Tyres supplies and fits new tyres so you won’t be surprised to hear that we don’t recommend fitting part-worn tyres.

But that stance has nothing to do with the impact of part-worn tyres on our sales. It has everything to do with safety.

The main problem with a part-worn is there is no way of knowing what sort of life the tyre had before it was taken off. And why has someone taken off a ‘perfectly good’ tyre to fit a new one?

These points are easy to overlook when you are buying on price alone. A typical part-worn tyre can be 50 to 60 per cent cheaper than a new tyre of the same make and spec. We get it, that’s a compelling argument when every other price is going up. But what price do you put on safety?

A new tyre is subject to numerous quality control checks before it leaves the factory. Any tyre that doesn’t comply is scrapped. Part-worn tyres are supposed to be strictly regulated, but the reality is rather different. Trading Standards tests have shown that 85 per cent of part-worn tyres inspected were found to be non-compliant. Tyres had various safety-critical faults including poor repairs, bulges, exposed cords, cuts, debris in the tyre and some of the tyres inspected were more than ten years old.

The good news is that you can be safe and save money. New Forest Tyres can supply, fit and balance a new tyre from a quality brand from £50 including VAT.

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